Declined Payments

Here are some main and common reasons why your card was declined:

  1. Billing address: Most transactions get declined because of the billing address. Make sure the billing address and zip code,  you enter at the checkout page match the billing address bank or credit card. if you need to ship to a different address, you will still have to put the correct billing on the checkout page. then choose to ship to a different address.
  2. Enough funds: Make sure you have enough funds in your account.
  3. NON-U.S Cards: If the card you using is a NON- U.S issued card, it will be declined. We process only US-issued cards with U.S Billing addresses.

Charges of a declined payment NOTE: Even though your card got declined, you may still see a charge on your bank or card. Please note this is not a charge, this is an authorization that will disappear in 2-4 days.

Another solution 

Beside Debit / Credit cards, we accept payments via Zelle and Cash App. If you like to use Zelle Or Cash App, Simply:

  1. Send your payment to 305-999-1119 (Name: Nadim Muqedi). Then,
  2. Take a screen shot of the payment you made on Zelle or CashApp,  and send it via SMS to 954-408-3722 .

Once we confirm the payment has been received, we will ship your order.

Finally, This is an automatic email. and you received it because your payment was failed at least one time. If you successfully paid for your order, please discard this msg.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out to me by calling 954-842-3636 or send a txt msg to 954-408-3722

Thank you

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