Fume Unicorn

Unicorn Fume Infinity

Fume Infinity Unicorn  Is a fantastic flavor that fume just introduced. The ingredients of Fume Unicorn is unknown but it is a mix of amazing fruits that will ensure you will love this vape from the first hit.

Infinity NEW Unicorn

To start, it is important to say that infinity is one of the top disposable vape devices. In addition, as part of innovation, the company has discounted some flavors and has new flavors.  For example, Fume stopped producing fresh Vanilla and gummy bears. In addition, the company has amazing new flavors that were exclusive to extra. Such as strawberry watermelon, which it’s in the Infinity collection.

Finally, regardless of what flavor preferences you may have, this powerful device will remain a great device that you will enjoy. Most importantly, the device has great and amazing flavors that are rich in taste and have a smooth vape. On the other hand, the company has many new flavors. For instance, Grape ice, raspberry watermelon, black ice Desert Breeze, Kiwi Strawberry and Yogurt ice cream.




Unicorn Fume Infinity

To start, Infinity is a great device that tends to be very smooth and fits in the pocket just like a pen. This disposable vape pod comes with 5 % ( 50mg) prefilled nicotine salts E-liquid and contains 12ml of e-liquid of fume extra’s flavor. In addition, the pod has been an extremely amazing flavored eJuice.

Therefore, this device can satisfy everyone’s urge who needs to test of a good vaping session. More importantly, infinity is more powerful than fume Extra or fume Ultra. it offers much more puffs, and is amazing. Finally, It consists of rich flavors and nice hits that make it the best disposable system.


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