HQD KING Lush Ice 


The Lush Ice HQD KING is 2000 hits a pre-filled disposable vape pen.  Lushy Ice by HQD-KING E-Juice is a carefully crafted concoction of sweet candied watermelon touched by a hint of mentholated goodness that will lend cooling to the next all-day vape. With this vape device, you will enjoy approximately 2000 hits of juicy watermelon and invigorating menthol flavors at 50mg synthetic nic salt in the king-HQD Lush Ice Disposable Vape Pen!


Ingredients of HQD King 

Many people review and ingredients of the product as boasting a remarkable vape from beginning to end, this delectable duo will certainly become a favorite from the jump. It is a perfect mixture that consists of juicy strawberries and a deliciously ripe banana flavor. This is a vape you’ll want to continue exploring over and over.  You can explore HQD KING all Flavors or you can buy it from your local smoke shop in Davie


You will feel the flavor of HQD VAPE From the first puff to the very last, you wouldn’t expect this vape to taste so great. It is a masterful blend that you wouldn’t believe. If you are looking for a solid vape that leaves you thoroughly impressed, Lush Ice by HQD-Tech Salts will certainly be the solution. Icy and watermelon flavor by HQD Salts is available in a 2000 HITS of the king vape.

Portable To The Extreme: Disposable vape pens have ergonomic advantages over more robust e-cigarette systems, which can cause hand cramps after prolonged use. Additionally, the Lush 2000 Disposable Vape is a lot more compact.

Effortless And Inexpensive: 

At any time, you can use the low-price tag to meet your needs without having to change any settings. Most of them are button-free, allowing you to exhale and satiate your needs just like an analog device. E-cigarettes are ideal for those who have just quit smoking because they are so easy to use. Because of this, experienced vapers who are looking for an easier way to get their nicotine fix will find the features appealing.

Sleek And Salt-Based Nicotine Available: 

2000 Disposable Vape comprises essential nicotine, which produces a stronger feeling when inhaled and provides a larger dose of nicotine that smokers find appealing. Using these vaporizers, you’ll be able to enjoy your nicotine fix without becoming stressed out. This atomization is ideal for smokers who crave a steady supply of nicotine throughout the day.

Lush Ice Reviews

Devices are popular and have a positive review because they don’t need as much upkeep as more advanced systems. There is no longer any need to clean or replace hardware components or even charge the batteries. These systems will continue to run at their best without causing any problems as a result of this.


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