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Fume Recharge Disposable Vape – All flavors

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The NEW Fume Recharge 5000 Puffs Disposable vape is the newest spectacular device Fume Vapors has in the market for the year 2023. Recharge by Fume has a new amazing elegant shape, smooth vape and rich taste.

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Fume Recharge Disposable Vape – All flavors

The NEW Fume Recharge 5000 Puffs Disposable vape is the newest spectacular device Fume Vapors has in the market for the year 2023. Recharge by Fume has a new amazing elegant shape, smooth vape, and rich taste. This single-use new vape pen is expertly made and designed. It features an extended, rounded shape that fits well in the fingers.

Additionally, the draw is pleasant and tight, like a cigarette, and the mouthpiece fits the lips wonderfully that’s what makes Fume Recharge provide an amazing vape experience. 5000 puffs can be expected from the rechargeable battery, which is sufficient to last well over a week. For those who place a high priority on battery life, this is among the best disposable vapes.

Flavor of Fume Recharge

Amazing 20 FLAVORS of the new Fume recharge list:

  1. Apple Watermelon
  2. Black Ice
  3. Blue Razz
  4. Blueberry Mint
  5. Jasmine Tea
  6. Lemon Mint
  7. Lush Ice
  8. Orange Soda
  9. Passion Fruit Mango
  10. Passion Fruit Peach
  11. Peach Banana
  12. Peach Strawberry
  13. Peach Watermelon
  14. Pina Colada
  15. Pina Colada Guava
  16. Pina Colada Strawberry
  17. Sour Apple
  18. Strawberry Kiwi
  19. Watermelon Blueberry
  20. Watermelon Strawberry

Video of the flavors and device

Fume Recharge Flavors Description and Review

The second the device was announced, and few people tried it, the there many positive reviews of Fume Recharge came. Below you will find a describtion and reviews for the device individual flavors. 

Apple Watermelon

The Fume Recharge – Apple Watermelon contains a 5% of salt Nicotine blend that has fresh green apples and watermelon flavors. From the first time you get your first hit you will discover why many people loved the new device by the Fume company.

Black Ice 

Black Ice 5000 Puffs Disposable vape contains up to 5k puffs of pure good smoke with this new device gets that iconic black ice taste. Combining the flavors of blueberries and cool ice this is the perfect option to choose from.

Blue Razz 

Blue Razz is a perfect new choice to choose from that allows you to get a packed puff in all 5000 hits. This is the best blueberry and raspberry fusion you won’t believe how good this is.

Blueberry Mint 

Blueberry Mint Fume Recharge is a tasty fusion of blueberry and mint in one that will allow you to get a well-balanced combination. The best option for vapers who like a berry-packed and icy hit.

Jasmine Tea 

The Fume Recharge Jasmine Tea is a awesome one of a kind fusion that is a jasmine tea inspired pod. Coming with up to 5k puffs of pure consistent mouth watering smoke you will be guaranteed satisfaction.

Lemon Mint

Lemon Mint is a awesome new Fume product that has an incredible flavor of lemons fused with mint. Giving the perfect in between hit with sweet and refreshing you will love.

Lush Ice

The Lush Ice 5000 Puffs Disposable vape Fume Recharge is a refreshing icy flavor that has a cool effect to the throat in every hit. This is the best new product out like no other coming with up to 5000 pure consistent puffs.

Orange Soda 

Orange Soda is a amazing New fume product that comes with the juicy orange soda flavor you cant even imagine how good . This rechargeable allows  you to get up to 5000 puffs.

Passion Fruit Mango 

The Passion Fruit Mango Recharge 5000 is a delicious NEW and improved rechargeable pod that has a amazing combination of passion fruit and mangos in one. This is the perfect option for vapers who need a tropical trip in just one puff.

Passion Fruit Peach 

Passion Fruit Peach is  one of a kind fume option that has a rechargeable port. This New product comes with 5000 hits of pure smooth consistent smoke guaranteed to leave a good impression to the back of your throat.

Peach Banana

Fume Recharge Peach Banana is a nice and smooth rechargeable vape that comes with a packed puff of smoke each time guaranteed to satisfy your crave. This pod comes with up to 5k hits of sweet peaches and bananas.

Peach Strawberry 

Peach Strawberry 5comes with a rechargeable port from Fume company to last you up to 5k puffs of consistent smoke. Take the delicious hit of this and you will taste fruity strawberries and peaches in one.

Peach Watermelon 

Recharge Fume Peach Watermelon is a sweet juicy flavors of peaches and watermelon fused into one. This is an awesome product to try by the Fume company you will love.

Pina Colada 

TPina Colada 5000 Hits comes with the best puffs you can get. This out of this world product has a blissful taste of pina colada that will take you to the tropics in just a singular hit.

Pina Colada Guava 

Pina Colada Guava is a delicious combination of fresh pina colada and guavas in just one rechargeable vape. This is a NEW and improved product by Fume that bring a 5k puff count that you will love.

Pina Colada Strawberry 

The Fume Recharge Pina Colada Strawberry is smooth pod that gives the perfect balanced mixture of pina colada and strawberries. This is the best option for that tropical vibe your missing, perfect for the beach or a sunny day out.

Sour Apple

Sour Apple will have your mouth watering in just an instant. With the amazing taste of sour apple get that smooth thick smoke , the best option for a rechargeable route to take you will never miss out on a puff.

Strawberry Kiwi 

The Strawberry Kiwi 5000 Puffs Disposable vape is a delicious fusion of flavors that combine fresh strawberries and juicy kiwis in just one rechargeable pod. This is the best option for vapers who like a rechargeable option this Fume product is perfect for just that.

Watermelon Blueberry 

The Watermelon Blueberry 5000 Puffs Disposable vape is a AWESOME cool new product that brings you up tp 5000 puffs of thick consistent smoke. With the tasty flavors of watermelon and blueberries your taste buds will be watering

Watermelon Strawberry 

The Watermelon Strawberry 5000 Puffs Fume Recharge Disposable vape is a Fume rechargeable that comes with the best smoke up to date , you can get this best new and improved product. With up to 5k hits of straight flavors that have a combination of watermelon and strawberry.

Specifications of Recharge by Fume:
  • Ejuice Size: 12ml e-liquid
  • Nicotine Concentration: 5.0% (50mg)
  • Battery Capacity : 400mAh ( Rechargeable )
  • Puffs Count: 5000 -/+ Puffs
Ingredients of Fume Recharge

Ingredients of Fume Recharge are: Propylene Glycol, Natural and artificial flavors, as well as Vegetable Glycerin & Nicotine. This device flavors are amazing and have smooth taste. .



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