Strawberry Coconut HQD Cuvie Air

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HQD VAPE has a new amazing flavor that mixes fresh STRAWBERRY with the tropical island of COCONUTS . If you were looking for a tropical coconut flavor then the Strawberry Coconut Cuvie Air is your best choice. This flavor mix two fruit-filled tastes for which we know and love.

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Strawberry Coconut HQD Cuvie Air

Strawberry Coconut HQD Cuvie Air – For Coconut and Strawberry lovers, HQD VAPE has a new amazing flavor that mixes fresh STRAWBERRY with the tropical island of COCONUTS.  The new  STRAWBERRY COCONUT is unique fruitful flavor that offers a refreshing taste from the tropical islands of south Florida. AIR cuvies is the latest device by the company it offers more than 4000 hits of unlimited joy. Purchase this amazing flavor from our HQD online store or from the boss tobacco in cooper city

Strawberry Coconut HQD CUVIE AIR

Amazing Flavors and unique taste

The devices comes with amazing flavors. If you were looking  for an ultimate refreshment then SKY MINT AIR CUVIE is a must to try. On the other hand The Blueberry Lemonade Cuvie Air takes everyone’s favorite summertime beverage and upgrades it with fresh Lemon and crispy blueberries. For those who like blueberries,  BLACK ICE – CUVIE AIR. This flavor combines blackberries and cold menthol to give you a  refresh you in every way. Is an innovative blend of flavors that will make your palate feel wild with excitement. Finally The Strawberry Watermelon Cuvie Air offers a unique mix of strawberries and the  juicy California watermelon flavor. Giving you the sweetest and most delicious fruit flavor you can imagine.





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