Try one of the three amazing fume disposable vape products and enjoy a great deal of unlimited satisfaction. In this page you will find an extraordinary and superior devices by fume. Try the first product by the company – Fume Extra or Fume Ultra or infinity. all purchases come with a free shipping 

fume extra disposable pods

FUME EXTRA DISPOSABLE VAPE –  A great power offers more than 1500 hits for each device and more than 27 amazing flavors. Customers enjoy this amazing device for the verity of flavors available

fume ultra disposable pods

The fume ULTRA 2500 hits provides an extended pleasure with more hits in each device. Each flavor is unique comes with pure 100% juice from fresh fruits and 50mg of the great salt nicotine added.

fume infinity disposable pods

The best just got even better with a powerful battery and e-liquid capacity. Fume Infinity Disposable vape has just arrive and its making a huge noise in the vape industry. a High quality device that offer more than 3500 hits comes with more than 17 amazing infinity flavors